COMPETITION - EC Day 2022: "POCTEP, youth and cooperation"ación"


September 21 is European Cooperation Day, and every year, more than 100 Interreg programmes organize local events around that date. Also, 2022 is European Year of Youth. So, in 2022 the celebrations have a common theme: "Youth for cooperation".

In previous editions, Interreg Spain-Portugal (POCTEP) programme has held many events in emblematic EU-funded locations. For instance, some of them were concerts, tree-planting ceremonies, crossborder meetings for students, sports, educational and environmental events, as well as gastronomic fairs.

So, in this 2022 edition, POCTEP launches an online video and photography contest. A great opportunity for its project partners to show how their cross-border cooperation actions have an impact on citizens lives, mainly among the young population.


6 Interreg Spain-Portugal winners

In this context, the theme of the competition is "POCTEP, youth and cooperation" and there are two categories:
1. Video: professional or amateur videos, with a maximum duration of 3 minutes.
2. Photo: professional or amateur pictures, preferably with high resolution.

Projects can send photos and videos they already have, but also new material. After that, all the photos and videos will go through a pre-selection process, leaving 5 finalists per category. Then, the "public vote" on Facebook will choose among the shortlisted projects the 3 winners per category.

Finally, POCTEP will announce the winnes on Sept 21st, EC Day. They will receive a trophy and/or diploma and will be promoted by the programme both in social networks and the media. Therefore, this contest is an excellent opportunity to give visibility to the results of the participating projects.


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