Até 9 de maio: a convocatória dos premios REGIOSTARS está aberta!!



Os prémios Regiostars estão de volta: a convocatória que torna visíveis os resultados e o impacto da política de coesão europeia e que cada ano desperta um grande interesse entre os projetos Interreg Espanha-Portugal (POCTEP). A seguir, o anúncio oficial dos prémios na página web da Comissão Europeia:


The European Commission is opening the 14th edition of the flagship REGIOSTARS awards competition that rewards each year the best projects financed under Cohesion policy.

Beneficiaries of all EU Cohesion policy-funded projects are encouraged to submit their application on five thematic categories: ‘Smart Europe: increasing the competitiveness of local businesses in a digital world’; ‘Green Europe: green and resilient communities in rural and urban settings’; ‘Fair Europe: fostering inclusion and anti-discrimination’; ‘Urban Europe: promoting green, sustainable circular food systems in functional urban areas’; ‘Topic of the year: enhancing green mobility in the regions in the European Year of Rail 2021’.

Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms, Elisa Ferreira, commented: “Thanks to this year’s REGIOSTARS categories, we want to show how local and regional Cohesion policy projects are key in contributing to the current EU’s top priorities for a smart, green and fair economy for all. For the first time, we have introduced the citizens’ dimension as a cross-cutting criterion in the project applications for all categories, as citizens are at the heart of Cohesion policy.”

The competition will be open until 9 May 2021. An independent jury of high-level experts will select the winners that will be announced in December 2021. The public will also be invited to choose their own favourite project.

Since 2008, the REGIOSTARS are Europe’s awards to cohesion policy-funded projects that demonstrate excellence and new approaches in regional development.

All details of the competition are now published.

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