30 SEPT / 06 OCT: B SOLUTIONS: Info session on call for proposals


The Association of European Border Regions (AEBR) organises 2 info sessions to inform about the b-solutions initiative in the light of the third call for proposals. Participants will learn what the objectives of b-solutions are and which obstacles can be advised with the open call for proposals.

Representatives of public bodies and cross-border structures from European internal land border regions will have the possibility to ask questions and clarify doubts with members of b-solutions' team.

The aim of the info session is to guide potential applicants through the application procedure to help interested participants be awarded with the advice of an expert on solutions to legal and/or administrative obstacles to cross-border cooperation.


Both sessions will develop as follows:

-15 minutes to introduce the b-solutions initiatives

-15 minutes for Q&A

-15 minutes to illustrate eligible obstacles through examples from the previous calls

-open Q&A


The sessions will be identical. The AEBR offer to possible appointments:

-Wednesday, 30 September, at 11:00, or

-Tuesday, 06 October, at 12:00


To attend the info session, please register here.


The info-session will be in English, but theere will be assistance as good as possible in case there are questions in German, French, Italian and Spanish.


The AEBR encourages interested potential applicants to take part and we look forward to a fruitful exchange.



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