The European Commission approves the Spain-Portugal Interreg Programme (POCTEP) 2021-2027

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Today (23/08/2022), the Commission has approved the largest cross-border cooperation programme in the European Union, also called the ‘Interreg’ programme “POCTEP” for cooperation between cross-borders regions in Spain and Portugal.

This programme will receive an EU contribution of more than €320 million in the period 2021-2027.

Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms Elisa Ferreira said: “I am happy to see that the largest cross-border cooperation programme in Europe has been approved. Many of the challenges Europe’s regions are facing today can only be tackled with more regional cooperation. The POCTEP programme is tapping into the full cooperation potential between border regions in Spain and Portugal. The programme will create jobs, boost the climate and energy transition, and ensure a better healthcare for people living in the regions.”

Amongst others, the programme will support cross-border cooperation via networks between small- and medium-sized enterprises for better research and knowledge transfers. It will also finance projects improving the energy efficiency of public buildings. The programme will also support sustainable tourism, the preservation of cultural heritage, a better healthcare infrastructure and vocational training for people living in the cross-border region.

European Territorial Cooperation (ETC), better known as “Interreg”, is one of the two goals of Cohesion policy and provides a framework for the implementation of joint actions and policy exchanges between national, regional, and local actors from different Member States.

This adoption is the 30th Interreg programme adopted for the period 2021-2027, amounting to a total of more than €4 billion of funding approved for Interreg under the European Regional Development Fund.

For more information on this, please consult the press release on the first adopted Interreg programmes from 2021-2027 and this Q&A.




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